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Welcome Vendors!

What can The Squiggly Pig offer YOU as a Vendor?

Operationally, we are a retail store, not a farmer's market. We have retail operating expenses that a farmer's market doesn't have. We are open 6 days a week to display and retail your products for you.

Farmer's markets are very time consuming, with:
roughly 2-4 hours of prep time at home prior to leaving to set up at the framer's market,
approximately 1-3 hours for set-up and another 1-3 hours for take-down,
the time spent at the farmer's market to sell your product, which can be 6-8 hours, or maybe a couple of days,
the cost of fuel to get there, food while attending the event, and possibly lodging,
plus your fee to have a station/booth at the farmer's market.

Assuming these expenses add up to roughly $500, all these costs become your operating expenses for the event. So, on a $1500 sales day at the farmer's market, 33% of your sales will go to cover those expenses. On a $1000 sales day at the farmer's market, 50% of your sales will go to cover those expenses. That is a pretty hard hit on the day's sales considering all your efforts.

If you have been selling your products in retail stores, you will know they generally take 40-60% of the total sales of your product that was sold in their stores. That is a pretty hard hit on your efforts as well.

Maybe you have a product, but not enough foot traffic coming into your retail store to warrant renting retail space. Then there are costs for merchandising, social media, staffing, and trying to build a returning customer base. Perhaps leaving your retail space and lowering your overhead by partnering with The Squiggly Pig would be of interest to you. If this scenario is of interest to you, please email cassie@squigglypig.ca.

The Squiggly Pig looks after the retail side for you, providing the following:
Point of Sale
Social Media Exposure
An established and growing customer base

The great news is that we can assist you with all of this and the retail selling of your product without you having to be in attendance, freeing up time you can now spend with your family. We only charge a 25% commission plus a small rental fee for the space you use to display your product within our retail store. For food vendors, the commission is ony 15%.

We have space for more Vendors! We welcome and are constantly looking for new vendors with unique products and we accept vendors from across Canada.

Have questions? Email us at vendors@squigglypig.ca

You can Host an event for a day at the marketplace, during market hours, for a low fee as well. Fees are listed on the Pop-Up Vendor Request Form.

Events can include:
Be a Pop-Up Vendor - great for direct sales consultants
Book Signings
and more!

We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your business success.

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